Book Selections


“The Ambassadors: America’s Diplomats on the Front Lines” by Paul Richter
“Border Wars: Inside Trump’s Assault on Immigration” by Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Michael D. Shear
” A Field Guide to the Jewish People” Dave Barry, Adam Mansbach and Alan Zweibel


“The Accomplice” by Joseph Kanon
“Robert B. Parker’s: The Bitterest Pill” by Reed Farrell Coleman
“Blue Moon: A Jack Reacher Novel” by Lee Child

TV Show Recommendations

NBC: “The Good Place”- it’s a great way to understand ethics through an entertaining and thought-provoking program on a broadcast TV network

HBO: “The Watchmen”,  “His Dark Materials”

Showtime: “Shameless”, “Ray Donovan”

PBS: “Tower of Song” a memorial concert featuring Leonard Cohen music- includes one of the best renditions of Hallelujah, performed by KD Lang

PBS: Ric Burns series on Country Music


Thank you, Larry, for providing this forum in support of books. It’s always a challenge in selecting books, since the list can be overwhelming. So, I’ll give you two titles; one is fiction and the other nonfiction. I’ll start with the nonfiction, since that comes out first.  Full disclosure, I was given an advanced reader copy for review.

Dressed for a Dance in the Snow: Women’s Voices from the Gulag by Monika Zgustova.

Publisher: Other Press  

$25.99 US  – Hardcover 

Pub Date: February 04, 2020

The author interviewed women, former gulag prisoners, and I was surprised with some of the reactions that these women had after having gone through such horrors. One running theme from the interviews was the hunger these women had for literature. Books were forbidden so they memorized poetry they had composed on their own.  This is an important book and I do hope that people read it. History told from people who actually lived it seems much more powerful than reading it in a classroom from a textbook.

Separation Anxiety by Laura Zigman

Publisher: Ecco Press    

US SRP: $26.99 US -Hardcover

Pub Date: March 03, 2020

Readers may recall that Laura Zigman is the author of Animal Husbandry, which was made into a movie titled Someone Like You with Hugh Jackman and Ashley Judd. It’s been quite awhile since Zigman came out with another book, but now that she has, she does not disappoint. (I was given the advanced reader copy at a bookseller’s fall conference.) Something I like about this novel is how quirky it is. Who would ever consider carrying around a dog in a sling for emotional support? (As a dog lover, how could I question such a thought?) Yet, the author makes this believable where readers will laugh out loud, feel a sense of anxiety or both.